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Header Saint Honoré

Saint Honoré Collection

The Orient Express – the epitome of stylish travelling through the cultures of the world. Saint Honoré pays its respect in an extravagant collection with a touch of decadence which makes it irresistible.

Individual Fabrics of Saint Honoré Collection

Stoffe Château

The spirit of the 1920s in exciting home fabrics. Bold patterns and delicate structures symbolize the extremes of this fascinating time. Tweed and flannel, brocade and tulle, velvet and satin are an invitation to indulge in the cosmos of expressive textures.

Classic black and white set the tone in the elegant society of Occident and Orient flanked by dynamic accents of red and exclusive accompanying colours.

Saint Honoré Gallery

Gallery Saint Honoré

Fine jacquards and delicate print designs combined with contrasting structural patterns like fil-à-fil or tweed provide the basis for a distinctive, highly individual style.

In a cosmopolitan and slightly eccentric manner, Saint Honoré combines colours and patterns like impressions of a journey.